Rev. Michael Payne, Pastor

First Baptist Chuch Higgins, Inc.

We would like to thank the Stepping Stone Ministry for the generous financial gifts that has come thru your ministry. Our church looks forward to continuing our working relationship. Through your gifts we were able to help in some needed areas in our ministry.

Rev. Leon Bobo, Pastor

Goldhill Missionary Baptist Church

We here, at Goldhill missionary Baptist Church, would like to thank you for all that you all have done to help us. The donation that your ministries have given us, has hepled us be able to do things for the church that we was not able to do. God bless you and keep up the good work.

Pastor George Barnes

Galilee Missionary Baptist Church

We would like to sincerely thank Stepping Stones Ministries for your donations, which was utilized to do much needed things around our church. It was with generous gesture from large-hearted people like your organization, Stepping Stones Ministries, that our church was able to accomplish various goals that we have set.

Rev. J Barrinton Minix, Sr

Gaines Street Baptist Church

The members of our church have been pleased with the products, services, and professionalism of STEPPING STONES, and we are encouraging more members to sign up. In turn, our church has been richly blessed by the generous donations we have received from STEPPING STONES! this is certainly a business relationship we hope will last for years to come. I highly Recommend STEPPING STONES to any organization that is interested in providing a much needed service to its members, while at the same time receiving donations that are useful resources in building the Kingdom of God!